Thursday, July 12, 2007

First Post

Ok, so at the advice of Lisa(my wonderful sister-in-law) I am trying this blog idea to keep everyone updated with our little family. Brant is working for APX alarms and for the first time in our married life is actually loving his job. His is currently a supervisor for the customer service department. He takes great pride in his job and is grateful to finally be "off the phones". I am still working part time for Provo 9-1-1 and I love it. I work 2-3 shifts a week from 5-9am. The worst part is just getting up that early, but other than that the time goes fast and because it is so early we usually aren't that busy so I get to read a lot. I am also still doing Mary Kay which I love as well. I never realized what a great company Mary Kay it definitely way more than just "make-up". I have made a lot of good friends already and I am dreaming big. Right now I am working on becoming a director and when I achieve this goal it will mean big things for my family.

Aidan and Ezra are growing so big and are sooooo smart. They are definitely my two little monkeys in the house. They keep me on feet and I always have to have a watchful eye to make sure they are staying out of mischief. Aidan has learned to say "Ezra" and most recently the phrase "come on". It seems like everytime he opens his mouth he is saying, "come on, Ezra or Ezra, come on". Ezra can't quite say "Aidan" yet, but thats ok. They both love to say hello to Thomas the Tank Engine whether they are looking a book with Thomas, watching a Thomas movie, or if they happen to find Thomas featured somewhere in newspaper ad. Everytime Thomas appears somewhere they yell with enthusiasm, "Hi, Thomas!!!" and they continue to yell that for the next 30 minutes.

Our most recent family outing was to Provo's 4th of July parade with Grandma and Grandpa. We got there a little late, but still in time to see a giant Bob the Builder balloon which had Aidan and Ezra in a state of awe. Their little mouths were wide open with awe and wonder followed by, "Look! Bob! WOW!". They enjoyed the rest of the parade too with the marching bands and other floats, but BOB was definitely the highlight for them. Well, that is probably about it for now. I have some funny stories to add but I am out of time for now. Hope you enjoyed our first post.


Lisa said...

I can't believe they are getting so big.