Monday, March 3, 2008

Cheeseball anyone???

So, the other day I made sandwiches for lunch and then got distracted doing something for a minute or two and then came out to check on the boys. Aidan was sitting nicely in his mickey mouse chair watching a show with superman in one hand and an orange ball in the other. Now I bent down to look at his ball because I didn't remember us having an orange ball. Upon closer inspection I found that this new orange ball was no ball at was our block of cheese that had been gnawed on until it was formed into a round orange ball.

Aidan was sitting there just content like nothing was out of the ordinary at all. He was just eating his block of cheese, watching a movie with his superman. It was really funny. I love my kids they do the funniest things on a daily basis.


Jake and Lindsay said...

oh boy!!!! I swear our children do the funnest things apart....but when they are together they are just trouble....I am excited to have a nice alone lunch with you today...your boys are cute.

melsebourn said...

LOL. You have the cutest boys! They totally make me laugh and make me want to have boys (although I don't know if I have the energy for boys) You are amazing!

Amaduli said...

That's totally my family.